Sewell and child at the piano

Daniel Sewell is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics in the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa, a part of the MInD Healthcare research group, a Faculty Affiliate at the UI Public Policy Center, and has been inducted in the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health. His primary area of research is in statistical models and inference for network data. He has also contributed to other subfields of statistics, such as clustering and infectious disease modeling, and holds interest in broad research topic areas such as Bayesian statistics, statistical computation, and data visualization. He has worked collaboratively in the areas of infectious disease, exposure assessment, physical activity accelerometry data, analysis of large health claims databases, and in the area of healthcare team communication. He received his PhD in statistics from the University of Illinois in 2015, where he secured the University of Illinois’ single nomination for CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award. He has been awarded the Patrick J. Fett Award for best paper on the scientific study of Congress and the Presidency and the Best Paper Award at the International Symposium on Network Enabled Health Informatics, Biomedicine and Bioinformatics. Within the UI College of Public Health he has been awarded the New Faculty Research Award, Junior Faculty Research Opportunity Award, Dr. Carol S. Gleich Development Award, and the Faculty Teaching Award.





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